WooCommerce Stores

Perfect was designed from the ground up to be seamless with most WooCommerce stores. This means your coupons, shipping, and tax settings will work out of the box. See our full list of compatibility features below.

Supported Themes

Perfect's unique implementation method ensures near guaranteed compatibility with every WordPress theme. Sometimes you may need to adjust your WooCommerce or theme settings to if your theme uses slide-out carts or modifies the the cart UX.

Supported Payment Gateways

Connect your Stripe, Square, and PayPal accounts or signup for free during account setup. Authorize.net and other gateways are coming soon. You can also request a payment gateway by contacting us.

Supported Payment Wallets (Gpay, Apple Pay)

Gpay is currently offered through Square and will soon be available for Stripe. Apple Pay for both Square and Stripe is coming soon.

AfterPay, Klarna, and other “buy now pay later” services

AfterPay and Klarna will be supported soon via Stripe. If you’re not on Stripe, we will also be integrating both services independently in the near future. Perfect’s PayPal option also includes PayPal Credit and “pay in four” installments automatically.

User Accounts:

Orders completed using Perfect Checkout will use the customer's email address to link the order with an existing user account if one is found. Users can login and orders will also be linked to their user account. Logging in directly on the checkout page is not currently supported. This feature along with saving card information at checkout will be available soon.

Shipping Plugins

Works with most shipping plugins including UPS and USPS. Please report an issue if you encounter one.

Tax Plugins

Works with WooCommerce tax settings and most tax plugins. TaxJar is not currently supported.

Order Automation Plugins

Perfect does not affect any of your post order automations or settings. Everything in your order workflow that happens after an order is marked “processing” in WooCommerce will remain unchanged.

Loyalty Programs and Related Plugins

Any plugin that assigns points to a user or modifies a user account will continue to work as expected in most cases. However, dynamically showing points information on the checkout page isn’t currently possible. If this functionality is important to you, we suggest showing this information on the cart page and switching Perfect to show on the “checkout” page only. You could also add a custom message on the checkout itself.


Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions is expected to be completed by October 1, 2021. Signup and stay tuned!

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